Central Co-operative Learning Trust

Strategic Advisory Group

Strategic Advisory Board

As a Co-operative Multi Academy Trust our articles provide a mechanism for stakeholders to contribute to the strategic direction of the Trust and to engage in decision making to ensure that our values and principles are embedded in all that we do. In Central Co-operative Learning Trust we call this the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).


There are three elements to the group which are: Local Governing Board, Community stakeholders and Pupils.


Our Local Governing Board members are represented to provide not only peer to peer support but also to consult upon policy and share good practice.


Community stakeholders are welcomed to the group to support the Trust in achieving the aim that each child in our family of schools will have the very best opportunities not only educationally but also for their personal and social development.


Pupil councils are represented via their school council arrangements and are consulted to support the direction of the Trust. The Co-operative Values underpin our Trust they are: Self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity in the tradition of their founders Co-operative members believe in the values of honesty, openess, social responsibility and caring for others.