Central Co-operative Learning Trust

Strategic Advisory Group

Strategic Advisory Board

Name of Committee
Local Governing Board Chairs’ Committee
To provide peer and Local Governing Board support; offer a combined voice to the Central Co-operative Board of Trustees; share good practice; and maintain and promote the Cooperative values which are:
  • Self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, and solidarity in the tradition of their founders. Co-operative members believe in the values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.
  • In addition the Board will have oversight of the Community Members’ Group, discussing and approving its suggestions for pupil enhancement.

Chairs of Local Governing Boards (Vice Chairs can deputise if the Chair is unavailable) plus one other Local Governing Board member who can vary from meeting to meeting. The Committee Chair will rotate annually around the Chairs of each Local Governing Board in alphabetical order of School.

One Chair or Vice Chair from each Local Governing Board (currently 4).

Programme of Meetings
  • Meetings will take place termly prior to the Central Co-operative Board of Trustees meetings.
  • Board members must declare any conflict of interest at the meeting and leave the room during discussions.
  • Discussions will be recorded and any votes for and against registered.
  • Members are generally expected to attend meetings in person, however, the Trust virtual attendance policy can be applied.

Panel Members
To adopt a fair and objective approach to all discussions.

  • To treat circulated information and discussions held in a confidential manner.
  • To not discuss decisions outside of the meeting until such time as individual Local Governing Boards have been informed of applicable decisions or information.